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I’ve been thinking.

I haven’t been writing much lately – and by “writing much lately” I mean “writing at all since the beginning of December” because things came up, as they probably inevitably do, and sometimes I can fight back and get work done anyway, and this time I couldn’t.

have been reading, though. Kindle and Audible have a sharing system between them that means you can bounce back and forth between reading and listening to a book, and that apparently solves the problem I’ve been having about not having enough time to either exclusively read or exclusively listen to things. I took the chance to read a few old favourites, because nothing makes me feel better when I’m having a tough time than going back to old universes and reliving old stories.

But I just realized that just because I’m rereading old things doesn’t mean I can’t still use my brain. There are a lot of things that I read that I never reviewed at the time that I first read them, so for the next while, I think I’m going to turn my attention to fixing that problem. I won’t go as far as to retroactively review everything I’ve looked at in the last three months – surprisingly, I actually got through quite a bit.

What I will do, though, is chronicle my adventures through the Wheel of Time the second – second and a half? – time around. I read up to about the 9th book a decade ago, and then I read the entire thing three years ago, and it’s a really different experience rereading the first books with such a recent memory of the last ones in my head. I’ve never tried to do a rereading review, so it will be an interesting challenge, and it will also have the added benefit of reminding me that just because I’m not doing all of my proper work, I’m not actually sitting around like a useless lump the way I feel like I am. If they’re any good, I may post them here. Otherwise, though, at least my Goodreads account will be able to feel a little bit more loved  than it has in a while.