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I’ve been waiting for this to come up ever since I first discovered Thursday Quotables, hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies! The name of the game is to highlight an awesome quote or passage you’ve found in the last week, and this is kind of cheating, because I actually found the quote the first time I read the Wheel of Time series. But I didn’t know about the meme back then, and I’ve come back around to it now, so it’ll just have to do!

This one really speaks to me as a writer. Words are powerful, and they’re so easy to take for granted.

A Memory of Light

‘Exquisite’, Thom thought. That is the word. Unexpected, but true. Majestically exquisite. No. Not ‘majestically’. Let the word stand on its own. If it is the right word, it will work without help. If it’s the wrong word, adding other words to it will just make it seem desperate.